PGM 2 puts you in charge of creating your very own successful e-sport organization. Now available on PC, Mac and Linux.

Take care of your Pro Gamers physical and mental health to make sure they can deliver on match day. If they do, your team may survive another day in the dog-eat-dog world of professional e-sport.

  • Develop your Pro Gamers as you see fit.
  • Name and design the logo for your team.
  • Build and customize your own house for all gaming and personal needs.
  • Choose the right sponsors for your team.
  • Make sure your Pro Gamers are happy and taken care of for maximum performance.
  • Keep track of all the money coming in and out to avoid bankruptcy.
  • Choose the lineup that will perform best right now before entering the arena.
  • Fight with your Pro Gamers as they face other teams in league matches.
  • Join the Pro Gamer League to gain fame and fortune.

Frequent builds with new content or fixed bugs!
Support and guide us in the right direction for the ultimate game!


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