Busy little bees – a brief update


I thought it was time to give you guys a little update on how things are going here and what we’ve been doing.

Unfortunately this is not the time to showcase anything from the game, yet. But I thought I’d share some insight into the changes we’ve been doing from an organizational point of view the last couple of months alongside the development. All changes have been made with one goal in mind. To create the best possible conditions for the development of PGM2. We can already see the benefits of these changes every day. We now have all the pieces in place to create the game both we, and you the community, wants to play.

If company news is not your cup of tea, you can stop reading now.

About the company

  • From the very beginning, we’ve been owned by a Venture Capital company. As of May 2017 I’ve purchased 100% of the company to ensure that the strategy making and all decisions regarding the game stays in-house, with the people who are passionate about the game and who works and lives by it everyday.
  • When this game was first created there were just two guys doing it all. When we worked on the DLC in the autumn of 2016, we were 4. Now with the purchase of the company, I’ve invested every cent I could get my hands on. Now we’ve expanded to (starting June) 15 (!) awesome, full-time people, giving this their all. The team now includes developers, artists, community managers and game designers. This ensures that nothing leaves this building (not even Elvis) without being of the highest possible quality.
  • We are considering rebranding ourselves again to our original name, which was ”Millenway”. We aren’t publishers any longer, we are dedicated developers and want to set our mark with our own product. More on this later.

Sharing plans

The day when we’re ready to give an update and share what we’ve been working on and what our plans for the future looks like is drawing closer. And so is the day when we can start working with our players and community, getting invaluable feedback to light our path going forward.

This game is becoming better and better every single day and I (we) can’t wait to unveil it 🙂

Thank you for your continued support on our PGM journey.