Dev blog #3 – The more the merrier, adding multi-player

Hello again!

The end of another exciting week in the development of PGM 2 is coming to an end. This week has flown by, it feels like only yesterday it was Monday, but a lot of good things has happened, and it’s always satisfying seeing things starting to fall into place.

But enough of that, here are the answer to a few of the things you’ve been asking us since the last blog post.

#1 Will it be possible to create an e-sport organisation with a second team? And will it be possible to have teams playing in different genres?

H*ll yeah! If you want to set your sights on being the best in more than one genre, be our guest. Or if you want to have two starting lines in the same genre to keep your talents fresh and on their toes, go for it.

Just be aware of the fact that the bigger your organization, the harder it will be to keep track of everybody and their needs.

BUT, as we’ve previously said, starting off there will just be FPS. Other genres will be added as we go. But know that our goal is to add on more genres for you to shine in.

#2 Expanding beyond FPS and MOBA

Hmm, we haven’t really thought about this, more than it is something we find very interesting.

One way to go so more genres could be introduces more swiftly could be to introduce more genres through mods. We know that our awesome community has a lot of ideas that would make both interesting versions of the genres we’re building as well as new genres.

But, as we said, we haven’t really sat down to think all this through properly but as soon as we can we definitely will.

#3 Multi-player

No, on our current roadmap we do not have multi-player planned.

Where are we now?

Development keeps rolling on as expected. Our first bigger internal tests has given us tons of feedback and things we need to work on and adjust. But the general feeling in the office is that we’re making some awesome progress.

If you guys have any wishes on what you would like to see added to our road map, leave a comment here or on any of our social media platforms or send us an email. We’ll try to answer as many questions we can in these blog posts.

Next week is mid-summer here in Sweden, and we’ll be having a short week but we’ll try to squeeze in a post before taking a couple of days off to recharge our batteries with pickled herring, schnaps and strawberries 🙂