Update about PGM 2 and the future

We know that a lot of you have questions about the future of PGM and PGM2. Here’s an update that hopefully will answer a few of them.

 PGM 1 was broken, we’re sorry. We will give everyone a window of opportunity to get PGM 2, the full game for free.

Firstly, we do know that the original PGM went south in many ways. The idea that you all bought into was, and still is, strong. But the execution was lacking in so many ways. For that we are truly sorry. To compensate for this we’ve now decided to give everyone who’s bought the original PGM a window to download PGM2 for free That means the full game through the whole development including the final product. Exactly when we’re ready to start releasing PGM2 is difficult to say right now. Or even exactly how we’ll do this, we’re currently working on how to do make this happen in the best possible way.

As most of you know by now, the code we’ve taken over from the original developers was very disorganized. It was full of half executed ideas, too much for one developer to sort through as we tried initially. We’ve now truly started again from scratch both team wise and code wise. And already we’re seeing the wisdom of that. With a new team of soon six people and someone new to work on the graphics we’re starting to see the game both you and we dream of take shape. It’s all baby steps at the moment, but we’re all feeling a new excitement for the project.

We understand you all being upset and disappointed, to put it mildly, over buying a game that’s clearly underdeveloped, being given promises of something better, and then that falling way short of the mark. We hear you, and we’re doing everything to keep that from happening again. That’s why we’ve now sifted through all your feedback as well as our own ideas to build a solid plan for the future. How we’re to build a game that truly reflects the initial idea. To do that we’re building everything up methodically from scratch again.

So what does this mean?

We’d love to tell you more about the future but at the moment we’re still very much in the prototype stage. We don’t want to present things that might not make it into the final product and disappoint you again. So we want to wait to reveal more details until we feel we have that solid ground. All we can say is that we’re building something the original PGM for many reasons never could have been. And we hope that you guys will want to join us going forward. That’s why we’ve decided to give all existing owners of PGM a window to get a key to the new PGM, full game, when we’re ready to make that available.

We’re currently working on our website to make that the heart of or communication with you. We’re also creating a forum to give you guys even better ways to stay involved in the development to make PGM2 into the awesome game we all want it to be. Stay tuned for more information as soon as we have it.

/Eyoel Lundberg, Head of dev team